Q&A with NEOFIT Director, Yassin Mamade

The scientist behind NEOFIT tells the story of how the product was born, and why it could be the secret ingredient to athletes’ success.

What is NEOFIT, and why did you decide to create the brand?

NEOFIT is a plant-based line of Sports Healthcare products designed to maximise muscle efficiency during training and recovery, with a key difference – it’s topical. A lot of major players in the market focus on capsules, tablets, shakes and bars, but we believe our topical alternative brings a unique advantage to the avid sportsperson and weekend warrior.

I have a busy lifestyle, and I’m a big fan of obstacle courses and various other types of training. It takes a lot out of you, and I needed a product that could help me maintain workout intensity each day. Looking at options, I saw a marketplace filled with overpriced and unproven products.

We ask the question: If you target your training to specific muscles, should you not target your supplementation for training & recovery where you need it most as well?

NEOFIT’s transdermal technology aids targeted recovery, attacking the problem right at the source and working directly on the muscles applied to. This also reduces waste and increase effectiveness of the gel, resulting in great value for money.

There are countless products on the market that promise to make a difference to athletes’ training routines and performance. What makes NEOFIT different?

There are thousands of sports supplements on the market, and the marketing around them is very distorted. It’s hard to find trustworthy products amongst all the noise.

To really condense the uniqueness of NEOFIT, you can remember the 3 T’s: it’s Topical, it’s Targeted, and it’s Tested. One of the main lessons we want people to bear in mind when shopping for training and recovery products is that if it’s not targeted, it is not effective. That’s where we come in.

We designed NEOFIT to be a staple in your gym bag, rather than a one-off. To make this achievable, we provide a price point that’s sensitive enough that users can subscribe on a monthly basis if they wish to.

What is your opinion on the current state of the sports supplement market?

‘99 (sports) supplements and a topical ain’t one.’ This is not an understatement. As we’ve talked about, the marketplace is crowded with oral supplements. A lot of them are overpriced, unproven and aren’t targeted. Simply put, they are not tackling the actual problems that athletes face.

Worryingly, they can also be entirely unsuitable for professional athletes, due to a lack of testing for banned substances and harmful ingredients that can cause side-effects.

We’re proud to say that all NEOFIT products are banned substance tested, and as a plant-based range we’re also approved by The Vegan Society. This is great news for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts that are Vegan, who until now have had limited options to supplement their diet and training.

How much does your background in science affect how NEOFIT products are designed and created?

I was born in Portugal, but I was made in the UK’s Chemistry Labs. I studied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University, then upon graduation I immediately started my career in the pharmaceutical industry, which gave me the tools to develop NEOFIT.

I learnt the Transdermal Drug Delivery techniques, and worked in Quality Control in the strictest cGMP conditions, in Quality Assurance and Validation and Research. I’ve always been one to ask ‘what if’ questions, and it’s safe to say the white boards in my office are full of thought bubbles. I thrive when I don’t have full knowledge, as I feel driven to learn and work with teams of experts to seek solutions that elevate the standards in sports healthcare.

It’s my scientific background that allowed me to really scrutinise the problems in the industry, and offer a true alternative.

What are the values that you adhere to when designing and creating NEOFIT products?

First and foremost, I decided I wouldn’t release NEOFIT into the world if the products didn’t add actual value to society. More broadly, we embed the highest standards in Sports Healthcare as mandated by our customers:

• We’re Vegan. All products are made of plant materials and are natural rather than synthetic

• We’re drug-free, so not to counteract any medications

• We’re made in the UK, the epicentre of Life Sciences

• We’re backed by science. We test everything.

• We’re alcohol-free.

Who do you think NEOFIT products are ideally suited to?

NEOFIT is ideally suited for anyone training in weightlifting, powerlifting, assault courses, crossfit, and boxing/MMA. This sort of training involves constant muscle breakdown and repair, which NEOFIT Pre Workout gel is ideal for. Then, when it comes to inevitable soreness and loss of sweat, NEOFIT Post Workout gel comes into play to restore electrolyte levels that are key for muscle contraction. With a mixture of both, you can ensure you’re ready for the next day’s session.

Strenuous exercise will always lead to muscle breakdown and result in cumulative muscle fatigue. For those that need to maintain consistency and train at a high intensity, then targeted muscle care should not be ignored.

Who are some of the athletes that have used NEOFIT products, and how have they made a difference to their performance?

Below is a list of the recent athletes that have been using NEOFIT to aid their performance and have given me really great feedback.

Hannah Graham (British Powerlifter, UK)

Marcus Davenport (World Champion Canoe, UK)

John Nardi (Junior Weightlifter, Canada)

Francois Hougaard (Worcester Warriors, Rugby)

Kris Stulberg (S&C Coach)

Zaid Al-Chalabi (Obstacle Challenge courses)

They’ve all cited an ability to work and push harder, and to maintain the same intensity for longer periods. No cramps, no night time pains, no muscle tightness, improved recovery and much reduced intensity of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

What does the future hold for NEOFIT?

Now we’ve seen real, tangible results from our initial line, we’re looking to expand our Sports Healthcare range, with multiple projects in the pipeline. We’re also beginning to increase our presence in gyms across the world, forging partnerships where our values align.

I’m also keen to get involved in a Youth Sports program, to build on what’s been done and enhance people’s lives further. In science, sharing knowledge is empowering. This same principle is reproducible in any environment.

I’ll close by saying that if you have a challenge, we’re here for you. The human body can always perform better, and our goal is to help you evolve and get the most out of that edge. Thanks for reading!

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