Looking to prolong your workout or recover from a hard day at work..

TARGET your day with NEOFIT.

Train harder and longer... recover with NEOFIT.

Pre workout and Post workout muscle gels are complimentary to a balanced fitness training and nutrition. 

Exercised by many to aid muscle building, effective training routines, muscle recovery and maintain positive vibes.

DESIGNED with herbal ingredients dedicated to improve FITNESS, HEALTH and WELLBEING.


Very fitness orientated – yoga/gym

I used the pre and post gels every day for two weeks applying before and after work outs at the gym and jogging. Both products have become an established part of my routine. I love the pre-gel, it absorbs so quickly and I feel it helps loosen muscle, while it’s great to apply the post gel when you are feeling tired and strained: it has that lovely warm feeling and smells quite medicinal. It may just be psychosomatic, but I do think they both have a real therapeutic benefit.

Eva, Kingston upon Thames

Easy to use

Smells good and therapeutic

Part of the routine

Feel it does warm the muscles + aid recovery

Absorbs easily

Like the fact its vegan

Simon, Harlow



This lightweight gel smells really invigorating and it made my skin slightly tingly afterwards. I really like the application and texture. I am sure this really helped me as I have been applying it in areas I have a tendency to have problems with. I have been really pleased that despite pushing myself, I have not had any stiffness or tension.


I have been using this five days a week for two weeks straight after exercise, mainly cycling or running. It has quite a medicinal smell, goes on easily and is very quickly absorbed into the skin. It feels cool and refreshing and I definitely feel it has helped me to avoid cramps and stiffness. I have tried other products but this is much more natural and pleasant to use. Along with a protein shake, this is a great post workout routine.

Sam, London

Running/Cross fit/Gym

I exercise most days, mainly cross fit and running. I often get aches and pains but after using this I definitely feel there was some benefit. I haven't been using it long, but I feel it's worth continuing with especially as it is not going to do any harm.

Claire, London

Be:Fit London 2018

Pre Workout gel: Really light and refreshing.

Post Workout gel: I love the quick drying and natural ingredients - great smell and packaging.

Really exciting brand. Well done.

Lindsay Flora, Be:Fit London 2018 Organiser